Resource Information and Control Corporation

RIC Corp Website Login


You have the following Login options:

  1. Client Login
    RIC Corp clients will use their ORG Code as their Username. If you are a ConCentRICs Web faciliy then go to System Administration - System Profile. Your ORG Code is the Facility Code at the top of the page. If you are a ConCentRICs Net facility then go System - System Organizations. Select System Orgs and it will be the last part of your Facilities pathname without the NET on the end.
  2. Guest Login
    If you have already requested a Guest login then enter the Username provided in your confirming E-Mail. You may request a Guest Login with the Request Login button below.
  3. RIC Corp Login
    If you are an RIC Corp Employee, then use your RIC Corp login in capital letters prefixed with RIC.